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Job portals, social media, search campaigns, programmatic job advertising, and personnel marketing – concentrated KÖNIGSTEINER expertise for your HR mission!

Job portals, social media, search campaigns, programmatic job advertising, and personnel marketing – concentrated KÖNIGSTEINER expertise for your HR mission!

Every day our expert recruiting team ensures that you find the right employees for your company – and that you’re perceived as an attractive employer.

We support you on all the different levels of the recruiting process and across all popular channels: That applies to all online measures including job portals, programmatic job advertising, social media, and search campaigns as well as for all offline measures such as print media.

Numbers that make an impression.

motivated employees for your service
satisfied agency clients
high-performance job ads per year

We at the KÖNIGSTEINER AGENCY have stood for intelligent recruiting since 1967. For you, our approach delivers a clever integration of a variety of personnel marketing methods. Together we develop the right solutions to deliver your company’s HR message.

We’re always on the search for new opportunities to find suitable candidates for you and get on board with new trends right off the bat. With programmatic job advertising, for instance, we achieve convincing results in approaching candidates who aren’t actively searching.

To get the most out of your recruiting, the KÖNIGSTEINER AGENCY’s staff of over 90 employees uses the experience and expertise gained in over 50 years as a company on a daily basis. With more than 260 employees in total, all the other companies in the KÖNIGSTEINER GROUP including AWS Personalmarketing GmbH, Kunze + Stamm GmbH, KÖNIGSTEINER Services GmbH, KÖNIGSTEINER digital GmbH, and KÖNIGSTEINER Personalservice GmbH support you every day in delivering your HR message to the world and achieving your recruiting objectives.

KÖNIGSTEINER is the right partner for your HR mission!

We at the KÖNIGSTEINER AGENCY are your comprehensive partner for personnel marketing and recruiting. Your standards for quality and service are binding for us: Speed and adherence to deadlines, digital workflows, and exciting advertising materials are the outcome of our focus on your wants and needs. That saves you time and spares your budget.

As our client, you receive a personal contact who supports you during your HR mission and is always available for any questions.

We're the right partner for you for recruiting

Throughout Germany:

We have 6 subsidiaries across Germany working for you.

Individual consulting:

Our HR specialists are always by your side as your personal contact partner.

Fully automated:

Our processes are fully automated thanks to interface connections.

Highest quality standards:

Editing – spelling errors don't stand a chance with us. We always ensure your presence looks professional.

All industries:

Our clients come from a wide range of different industries – and thanks to our decades of expertise, we support them all with the best know-how.

Any company size:

We support clients of all sizes – from small companies to major corporations.

Deploying the ideal recruiting measures for our clients takes top priority in our day-to-day work. Our authentic and dynamic recruiting team is ready and available for your customized personnel marketing strategy.

Our expectation for every project: We find you your ideal candidates so you can fill your vacant job positions. To achieve this goal, we use all suitable methods from career websites to digital and print job ads, to image videos. During your HR mission, we support you in drafting and implementing these measures.

The result: KÖNIGSTEINER supports you in delivering your HR message. No holds barred!

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KÖNIGSTEINER – we're in your region, too!

With our six locations in Düsseldorf, FrankfurtHamburg, Hamburg-Altona New Business, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, the KÖNIGSTEINER AGENCY has a presence all over Germany so we can meet our clients’ needs with even greater precision. We know the regional media like no other and know which weekly magazine, which local station, and which public place will deliver the maximum reach for your HR message.

Use our presence throughout Germany and our regional know-how to make your HR mission a success. We work with you to find the right personnel marketing and recruiting strategy for your company.


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