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Are you asking yourself why you haven’t been able to fill an important position for months? Do you want to know how and where to best reach your target group? Are you looking for alternative recruiting possibilities beyond job portals and advertising?

Are you asking yourself why you haven’t been able to fill an important position for months? Do you want to know how and where to best reach your target group? Are you looking for alternative recruiting possibilities beyond job portals and advertising?

At KÖNIGSTEINER, we help you deploy the best personnel marketing measures to find the right answers for these HR questions and others.

Advertising material for digital recruiting

Banner design for programmatic job advertising

Banner design for social media recruiting

With the right advertising material, you often get in touch with potential candidates for the first time and need to raise their awareness and ensure they recognize you again. From display banners for automated programmatic job advertising to social media recruiting postings, we create your advertising materials for digital recruiting.

Job advertisements print/online

A job advertisement is often the first contact that you have as an employer with potential applicants. You need the right advertising concept for your HR message. It’s your calling card:

We support you with contemporary design, target-group-relevant texts and ads, SEO – including mobile optimization and two rounds of proofreading.

Career websites

Your career website is the first point of contact for potential candidates to learn about you as an employer. A modern presence and diverse content that’s appropriate for your target groups turn interested people into applicants.

University marketing/
apprentice marketing

With the right marketing activities at universities and vocational schools, you can reach interested students, prospective students, and vocational school students. That’s how you reach the employees of tomorrow and secure your place early in their minds as a special and interesting employer brand.

Out-of-home advertising (digital/analog)

  • Analog: Posters, ambient media, transportation advertising
  • Digital: Display advertising (moving image/static e-posters)

With out-of-home ads, you reach your target groups through all advertising media in society’s public realm. These include traditional analog outdoor advertising on billboards, ambient media, and transportation advertising in buses, trains, and airplanes, for example. Your activities can be enhanced digitally with moving image ads and static e-posters.

Content marketing





In content marketing, you try to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Your main objective is to attract a clearly defined target group of potential candidates, secure their interest, and motivate them to submit an application.

One of these formats is recruiting videos that give comprehensive, emotional insights into the business and working world. Gen-Z is especially captivated by video clips. Be right on trend with apprentice clips, for example, and reach your future trainees with appropriate target group content on all channels.

Every recruiting video can be deployed in a number of ways – on your career website, in movie theaters, or on social media. Use emotional storytelling and professional moving images to maximize your reach. This is how you successfully deliver your HR message online.

KÖNIGSTEINER supports you from the initial idea to the storyboard, to video editing and music, to integrating it in your website. We’re your professional, all-round partner for your recruiting videos.

We create recruiting campaigns for your marketing for specialists

Are you looking for a partner for your employer branding campaign in marketing for specialists? The KÖNIGSTEINER AGENCY is the ideal partner for personnel marketing.

Regardless of your industry, we’re happy to support you! IT, skilled crafts and trades, technology, business administration – we bring experience and references from many industries to the table and can plan and design your custom recruiting campaign!

Our team plans and designs any type of advertising material you want and then deploys it precisely where the experts in your industry are.

Workshops and consulting

Build your internal recruiting know-how through workshops.

You want to build your internal expertise in employer communication and need consulting and/or workshops, for instance, on the following topics:

  • Text in job advertisements
  • Posts on LinkedIn/Xing/Kununu
  • Gendering or the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)

Contact us and we will put together the right package for you!

Social media

LinkedIn, Xing, Kununu, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or maybe you prefer YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or SnapChat? We guide you through the media jungle and deliver your HR message specifically on the channels and platforms where your target group is. That helps us minimize wasted advertising and spares your budget.

We support you with social media activities and offer customized solutions, for example, with conceptualizing, creating, and maintaining your company profile all the way to designing recruiting ads and creating content.

Employer branding

Your employer branding strategy needs to achieve vastly different objectives in times of advancing and often competing megatrends such as individualization, automation, or digitalization.

Regardless of how fiercely your target group is fought over, no matter where you’re at in your employer branding process – we will support you on your way to attracting people for your company and your jobs.

To achieve this objective, we offer you comprehensive services for building, realigning, or continuing to develop your employer brand. This includes consulting, agile project management, creation, and design. Thanks to our agency network, we can support you in implementing employer branding projects of any size and scope.

Let’s find out together what your company stands for. We develop the perfect strategy to communicate these values in a targeted and emotional way. Using the right words and appealing visualization, your new employer branding will be visible and tangible across all channels.

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