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Reach the right candidates with us and programmatic job advertising. We help you get your job advertisements to the right target group and reach your ideal candidates directly.

We support you with a broad array of online advertising tools – including banner ads, video ads, and interstitials – to reach the widest variety of target groups.

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Target group targeting

We work together to create precise target groups for your job vacancies. These target groups will be used to identify and approach the right candidates.

Keyword targeting

In keyword targeting, we identify the suitable target group based on relevant keywords and search terms. Using this method, you can approach the right candidates with thematically suitable ads through ad spaces. This reaches active and latent searchers in a targeted way.


Do you want to deliver your HR message to the right target group at any given location? Then geo-targeting is perfect for you!

With geo-targeting, you can pay attention to specific regional circumstances and use them to benefit you at the same time. Using an address list, the recruiting message is delivered through websites and apps to your target group near the locations of your competitors, schools and universities, or events – with a precision of just a few meters.

Inventory targeting

We use inventory marketing to determine relevant website and app categories. The identified media fits the defined candidate profile precisely. This way your HR message can be delivered to the right target group, and therefore to qualified applicants.

Our services

We precisely identify the suitable target group based on your job profile. To do this, we use demographic and behavioral attributes as well as meaningful contexts, keywords, and target group segments. Then we deliver your recruiting message to the right candidates through websites and apps.

  • Define target groups
  • Create the job advertisement

  • Ongoing campaign optimization

  • Regular reports

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